Made with love in Korhogo Ivory Coast 
Size: approx 92cm X 24cm

Korhogo Cloth Painting Long Thin

  • Korhogo cloth is made by the Senufo people of Korhogo, Ivory Coast. It comes in neutral and earthy tones like browns, blacks and creams. Korhogo is made by hand painting designs on hand woven and hand spun cotton fabric. The paintings are done using a specially fermented mud-based and natural vegetal pigment[2] that darkens over time, and designs are usually drawn on using a stencil. They are decorated with symbols of humans, natural elements like the sun, moon and stars and animals, all of which are rooted in Senufo culture and mythology. The Senufo use the cloth as a shield against vengeful spirits by wearing or hanging them in homes/shrines.