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Zamble Mask Ivory Coast


The Guro people are direct descendants of the pre-colonial and West African Mali empire`s epic hero Sundiata Keita. They believe that after disintegration of the Mali empire, they migrated southward to Ivory Coast to escape Mandinka expansion.
Guro people are very traditional people and believe in their ancient culture. They have male and female secret societies which people are initiated into. The male society is Je and the female one is called Kne. Mask are worn by these secret societies.
One important mask of the Guro people is Zamble. The spirit of Gu, the wife of the supernatural being, Zamble, is also depicted in the masks of the Guro, These masks, polychrome or brown and black, consist of intricate details. Considered the most beautiful of the Guro masks, the Zamble masks are the most desired of collectible masks.
This mask is 11inches tall by 6.5 inches wide

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