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our producers work with us not for us

Our Principles

We personally find and vet our suppliers according to our ethical policy; i.e. BUY DIRECT. Where possible, we buy from small family concerns, but in cases where we use factory/workshop outlets we inspect regularly to ensure fair working conditions.


Working in Partnership. We develop long term relationships and rapport with our suppliers. This enables them to plan for the future and gives them the necessary stability they need to grow.


We pay a fair price to suppliers, and money is paid in advance to cover their production costs. Because there is no middle man, this also means that we can sell at a fair price to our customers.


We consider the environment. For example, minimising packaging. All our products are sold without any wrapping. When importing we wrap clothing in cotton rather than plastic. We use natural materials where possible.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we have been sourcing our products direct from the producer for the past 20 years, and over time have built up a substantial network of providers around the globe. 


Whenever possible, we work face-to-face with small family producers, but in the cases where we are working with small scale factory/workshop units, we personally inspect on a  regular  basis to ensure that working conditions are what we would expect from a fair trade importer. 


In times of trouble we will do whatever we can to assist, paying higher amounts, raising money, giving extra production time etc.


Most of all we are proud to say ...........

"our producers work with us, not for us"

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