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From Jaipur, Rajasthan in North West India this unique Chess Set is a figuration of a Rajput army of Elephants, Horses, and Camels with mounted riders.  Each wooden chess piece in this set is elaborately carved and painted in minute detail. The pieces represent two armies and are painted to show uniforms and turbans, in red and green colours. The pawns are carved as mounted soldiers, bearing arms. The Rooks are seated on camels, the Knights mounted on horseback and the Bishops are  carried by elephants. The fine painting, on each carefully carved piece, clearly depicts the features of the animals and their riders and details the clothing and weaponry of the fighters King and Queen piece are 4 inches high on a large elephant bearing a royal howdah, shaped like a peacock, on its back. Though not shown the symbolic howdah on the elephant's back indicates their presence.  

Hand Carved Gold Paint Rajput Figures Chess Set

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